Class Levels

No experience necessary, suitable for anyone, beginner to advanced. 

Level 1 (L1) / All Levels                     

Beginner. Appropriate for all levels of practitioner.

For experienced beginners as well as advanced practitioners. We work with a variety of postures, breathing techniques, and delve deeper into sun salutations, standing postures, and the flow of a yoga class. Expect to be introduced to more advanced variations of postures, new transitions, and preparatory work with arm balancing, inversions, and backbending. Students are recommended to have had at least 2-3 months of yoga experience. 

Level 2 (L2) 

Intermediate. Appropriate for experienced beginners and long-time students of yoga. 

For intermediate students to students with an advanced practice. We recommend students have had at least 6 months of yoga practice. We will take some of the preparations we learned in L2 and work towards more challenging variations of these postures. We will also work deeper into breathing techniques, meditation techniques, bandhas, mudras, inversions, arm balancing, backbending, transitions and flowing completely with the breath. 

Level 3 (L3)

Advanced. Appropriate for students with 3+ months of prior yoga practice. 

Class Descriptions

Alignment Flow

Our Alignment Flow offers a full-spectrum practice combining the dynamic movement of Vinyasa Flow as well as stillness to pause and find the deeper alignment in each posture. With the use of props, and a deeper connection to our breathing, we work to experience the postures and practice itself, as it fits each individual body. 

This class is appropriate for newer students as well as experienced practitioners. 

All Levels

Vinyasa Flow 

Vinyasa Flow  is a dynamic practice where we connect movement and breath by sequencing together postures (asanas) in a creative way meant to teach correct alignment while challenging the body. 

This is an intermediate practice suitable for experienced beginners as well as advanced practitioners. We will work with key aspects of Vinyasa including transitioning between postures, breath techniques and preparatory work for arm balancing, inversions, and backbending. 


Vinyasa Flow

This strengthening and endurance-challenging practice begins to offer more complex sequences and vigorous movements layered over foundational asanas (postures). This class is for the experienced practitioner to begin to explore new layers of their physical, mental, and breath practice. We begin to incorporate more diverse Pranayama (breath) techniques and the use of bandhas and mudras. Be prepared to work with challenging transitions, arm balances, backbends, and inversions.

Students are strongly recommended to have had at least 6 months of physical practice and are in good health.


Our All Levels Flow is an introduction to a Vinyasa style class which focuses on teaching the foundations of yoga. We slow down the pace of this class to ensure correct alignment in a safe environment. Yoga fundamentals including breathing techniques, classic seated and some standing postures and beginning Surya Namasker (Sun Salutation) will be taught. As always, we end with a resting posture, Savasana, to complete the class.

Suitable for those just beginning yoga as well as experienced practitioners. 

All Levels Flow

All Levels

Power Flow 60

Step on your mat and join us for 60 minutes of dynamic movement with breath to energize the body and mind and prepare you to start the day!  Open for all levels of practitioner. Be prepared to move, breathe, and awaken mind and body. 

All Levels

Chakra Flow

Stemming from the ancient concept of energetic centers located throughout our body, we've designed a Vinyasa Yoga experience to get you a little more connected to the subtle aspects of yourself and your practice.

In this all levels Vinyasa flow practice, you'll experience movement and breath as they relate to each of our Chakra centers (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown). Each practice will be tailored thematically with postures, breathing, music, readings and/or intention setting, around one of the 7 energetic centers to allow you to dive in a little deeper to connect to your body and your practice. 

Suitable for new and experienced practitioners. Some experience recommended, but not required. 

All Levels 

YinYang Flow

Born out of the idea of balance and duality, this class leads students through a warming flow to energize and awaken the body and mind, and soft, longer held postures to soften tension and calm the central nervous system.

Drawing on both aspects of practice; strength and lengthening, the quiet and energetic, the heat and coolness, this full-spectrum class aims to ready you for a new week with a focused mind, a strong body, and peace in the heart. 

Suitable for new and experienced practitioners. Some experienced recommended, but not required. 

All Levels