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Intro to Yoga: A 3 Week Series with Lara Lirely

Intro to Yoga January18.png

Join Lara for a 3 week series designed to help introduce you to the practice of yoga. This series is perfect for anyone new to yoga or interested in reviewing the basics.

We will cover fundamental aspects including a variety of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods as one comprehensive 60-minute class. 

This series is the best way to ease your way into yoga and learn about all of the benefits of this practice! 

$35/person for all 3 weeks. Pre-registration for all 3 weeks is required. 

Note: Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow for time to fill out a New Student Form/Waiver and get settled in for class. Wear comfortable workout attire, and refrain from eating a large meal right before class. Footwear is not needed as we practice barefoot. Yoga mats, props, towels and water are provided if you do not have your own to bring.