Jenny Archer, E-RYT 200


Jenny’s first encounter with yoga was in high school. It was recommended that she use it as a tool to help her reduce stress and anxiety. It wasn't until college, when she obtained a running injury, that she began to see yoga as something more than calming her mind and nerves. Yoga then became Jenny’s sole physical exercise. Through diligent practice she was able to heal her body, strengthen it, clear her mind and reduce anxiety. Thirteen years later, she had the awesome experience of receiving her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from the amazing and always inspiring Meg Galarza. She learned so much about yoga and herself. It was an incredible journey! Jenny teaches a vinyasa flow that is strong and fluid, playful yet challenging. Through teaching, Jenny hopes to instill some of the wisdom she has gathered, as well as inspire and learn from her students.

art calls for complete mastery of techniques, developed by reflection within the soul - bruce lee

Yoga Teacher Training: YogaOne Studio, Cedarburg WI

Loves to practice: Ashtanga

Favorite spot in the Lake Country: Coda or Birch and Banyan

Coffee Order: Chai Tea w/ Coconut Milk

Favorite summer activity: Biking and kayaking!

Hobbies: Beadworking, crochet, baking/cooking, binging on Netflix

Favorite posture: Compass (Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana - pictured!)

Working on it: Handstand - I love that I can practice it anywhere!

Favorite prop: Bolster in Savasana because it feels AMAZING. 


On my playlist:

Creep by Radiohead

Looking for someone to love me by Mary J Blige

No rest for the wicked by Lykke Li